Researcher with over ten years of laboratory experience. I am an adaptable scientist who thrives on tackling challenges head-on. With a versatile set of hard-learned skills, I am set on venturing into the biotech industry. I aim to leverage my expertise to address real-world issues, fueling innovation and advancements for human health. Let's collaborate to shape a brighter future together!

Below, you will find my resume, along with a link for convenient access to a concise curriculum vitae. Additionally, I have included a collection of photographs that offer a glimpse into my personal journey and interests.

Team Work - I thrive working on collaboration, and I am looking forward to contributing to a team of multi-disciplinary experts working toward a shared directive in a fast-paced environment.  I crave the speed of development made possible by this level of focus and dedication.  

Adventure and Bravery - New experiences are great for the mind, whether tossing water in -40 degree weather to witness and photograph the Mpemba effect, climbing a small mountain, or competing in a chess tournament.  Finding comfort in discomfort and resilience after failure are qualities I strive toward.
My husband Peter - I will spare you the love stuff and comment on his outstanding contributions and support of my pursuits.  Hiring myself, you also get him indirectly - we converse and brainstorm our problems all the time.  Admittedly, he is excited about relocating our family for this opportunity as it will no doubt fuel some riveting conversations.
Hope for our Future - Together with Peter, we have created Hope for our Future, and we named her - Nala.  She has reignited my drive and ambition to new heights.  The urgency of helping humanity has become more real than ever before.  This is also for her.